The following are the schools in and around Austin that share these core values:

  • emphasis on whole child (social, emotional, intellectual)
  • no letter or numerical grading
  • not a corporate-funded chain

They also have in common:

  • no standardized tests
  • no or little required homework
  • mixed-age settings of 3-4 yr span
  • self-directed learning
  • student input on own curriculum
  • ample outdoor time (minimum of 45 minutes per day)
  • no more than 150 students
  • free, unstructured time

Schools & Programs

Apple Blossom Center for Discovery
Austin Home Base Community School
Austin OneHeart School
Clearview Sudbury
Gantry Academy
Game of Village Austin
Great Minds Learning Community
Inside Outside School
Los Amiguitos, Immersion Nature and Community School
Roving Learners
Skybridge Academy
Sudbury Schoolhouse
Whole Life Learning Center